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Koya Masubuchi msbck0mp at gmail.com
Sat Jun 30 06:13:26 EDT 2018

Hello Gary,

How about other force? not Gravity Force. It works.

Yeah, Mass affects force. And force affects acceleration.
But It doesn't affect the force that was generated by universal gravitation.

"If an object has twice the mass, it receives twice the force.
However, because an object of twice the mass requires twice the force to
experience the same net acceleration,
the Gravity Force can be thought of as a raw acceleration."


It's something like Gravity Force node always ignores any object's mass.
Because it doesn't matter how big the mass that an object has.
In the real world, everything falls down at the same speed even if its mass
aren't the same.

Hope this helps.

Koya Masubuchi

2018-06-30 11:10 GMT+09:00 Gary Jaeger <gary at corestudio.com>:

> Am I crazy? I haven’t done much with basic Houdini particles, but I’m
> messing around with them and I can’t figure out mass. For instance, a torus
> that sits above a ground plane. Particles (via the Source Particle Emitter
> tool shelf) from the torus are bouncing on the ground plane. Now I want to
> increase the mass of the particles. Um… I can add a popproperty and set the
> mass, but it has no effect (or on any collisions) that I can see. It DOES
> seem to have an effect on pop forces, but not collisions.
> What stupid thing am I doing?
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