[Sidefx-houdini-list] Packed Disk Primitive for delayed load

Fran├žois Duchesneau houdini at trinix.ca
Sat Feb 24 16:33:31 EST 2018


I'm trying to save packed fractured objects into packed disk primitives. 
I'm able to read the file representing let's say 10 packed objects but I 
cannot delayed load them. In other words the IFD writes all the geometry 

If I set the option Packed Disk Primitive on the File Sop that I render 
it does work and thanks to this I see the intrinsic:unexpandedfilename 
which tells me it can use the file reference instead of the physical 
geometry. My problem with this is that the packed primitive is now all 
made into one instead of 10. This doesn't give me access to post 
manipulation of the transform per packed primitive (one of the 10).

However all this works just fine when saved to Alembic. Is it a 
limitation of Packed Primitives? If not how can I do the same without 
going through Alembic?



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