[Sidefx-houdini-list] cannot install a new houdini

Gerbrand Nel g at cannonballbunny.com
Mon Aug 27 03:14:13 EDT 2018

Hi guys.
I'm getting this annoying message in my Houdini console.
/Houdini has detected a new version of Windows, and may run slower as a 
//Contact SideFX about getting an upgrade to Houdini to address this 
//To skip printing this message in the future, set the environment 

So I download the latest build of Houdini, but it just crashes after I 
install it.
I've tried 3 different builds over the last few weeks.
All of them just crash when I try and launch them.
h 16.5.439 seems to be the latest one I can install and run.
Is it just me, or have you guys seen this?
Gerbrand Nel

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