[Sidefx-houdini-list] copy to points of a bullet simulation weirdness

Gerbrand Nel g at cannonballbunny.com
Wed Aug 15 09:46:06 EDT 2018

Hi guys

I ran into something that probably makes sense if you know what the f 
you are doing, but I didn't expect it to work like this, and it's 
ruining my shit.

I have the following following:

I do a bullet RBD sim, use dopimport to import the sim back into sop land.

now you have the option to import the points of the packed primitives, 
but when you copy objects to these  points, there is an offset on the 
pivot of each object.  If you un-check "transform using point 
orientation" the offset goes away, but you have now lost your orientation.

If I delete the pivot attribute, the points position is where it needs 
to be, but now the orientation doesn't line up to the simulation.

I'm doing this, because I want to sim with a low ress version of my 
geometry, and then copy the highress geo to the simmed points 
representing the packed primitives.

Can someone maybe point me in the right direction?



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