[Sidefx-houdini-list] obj>VDB>obj with textures/color

Martin Winkler martin.winkler at grey-matter.de
Sat Apr 21 10:56:03 EDT 2018

> I am trying to get several objects (3d scans) to merge and become one.
> I have used VDB to acheive a desired look for the geometry but I lose the textures/color.

> Is there a good way of doing this?

In case of merging VDBs made out of polygonal objects that are going
to be polys again in the end there is a shortcut to get attributes
like point Cd and vertex UVs onto the target.

Merge the objects, VDB them, and on the ConvertVDB-SOP that you use to
get the molten object blob back to polygons connect the original
geometry from before the VDBing to the second input. You can then tick
on "Transfer surface attributes" on the ConvertVDB and they will show
up. You will have to take care which polys get which material
obviously, but you get groups for that from the convert.

I made you a quick dummy hip of the setup:

Another, more oldschool apporach would be to use an attribute transfer
SOP to the same end, but to me it sounds like the second-input on
ConvertVDB will to the trick.

Have a nice weekend.

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