[Sidefx-houdini-list] Save in Background not working

Michael Scarpa michael at scarpa.name
Tue Apr 3 22:14:57 EDT 2018

I assume the customary restart of Houdini doesn’t help?  Is there any useful output on the console?  Destination disk has enough capacity for the files you’re trying to write?  Any dialog still waiting for your input hidden behind other windows that might be stalling the background process?  Just trying to rule out the obvious, sorry if it sounds very useless :-)

> On 4/04/2018, at 13:46, Gary Jaeger <gary at corestudio.com> wrote:
> I have an odd one. I’ve been working on, and versioning, a file all day. I’m writing cache files in the background for the import_particle node. It’s been fine. Except all of a sudden I can no longer do it. When I hit Save to Disk in Background, the Scheduler will pop up (including the warning if I haven’t saved) but nothing happens. It’s just empty. In fact it will create the directories if needed, but not .bgeo.sc files. So strange. I can hit Save to Disk, and that works. But not Save to Disk in Background.
> So strange. Any ideas?
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