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Miles Green Miles.Green at al.com.au
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in my experience creating a node or digital asset per scene object leads to crazy heavy houdini scenes, you'll maybe get away with it for 10-100 things (maybe chars/props) but past that your asking for trouble and long build times especially when you have sets with hundreds of thousands of objects, even if they are not visible by default

a nice lightweight approach I've seen is to pre-load all your scene things as a pointcloud with filepaths on them (houdini is great with points right) , and then filter/blast and copy/instance as needed into real geo or packed prims.

with the new Houdini USD plugin many studios are starting to look to use that too for houdini scene assembly, as you can have single node entry point to a whole scene then just select what objects/hierarchy that you want to pull in and work with

In maya the USD plugin has the bonus ability to not actually import any geo, and just draw very efficiently via USD's Hydra GL renderer. But unfortunately I believe the current USD plugin for Houdini does not have hydra capabilities and loads the caches as USD packed prims, but that probably still a win over many alembic SOP import nodes, which can get quite slow..


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I'm curious too, we use referencing as well in Maya, yes they can be evil
but with care it works for us.
we combine this with alembic and vray proxies.

I'd like to know the houdini workflow for this as well, I would imagine you
make digital assets for things you need to pass on to another department
and to work simultaneous.

On Sun, Sep 24, 2017 at 8:04 PM, Gary Jaeger <gary at corestudio.com> wrote:

> I’m curious about how people go about scene assembly in Houdini. We don’t
> do anything exceptionally complicated, but we do make use of file
> references in Maya. I know people claim they can be the devils spawn, but
> they seem to work for us.
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