[Sidefx-houdini-list] How to control RigidBody instances

Thomas Volkmann listmail.3d at gmail.com
Mon Nov 27 07:10:41 EST 2017


I'm taking another dive into Houdini again and I'm having a very slow start
at the moment. It seems I have forgotten some of the basic stuff....
So if someone could help me out and save me a couple of hours it would be
much appreciated.

I have a simple RigidBody simulation from some instanced objects.
Now I would like to do some stuff with some of these, like select by ID and
then putting them to sleep at a certain frame or have them
growing/shrinking over time.

Can I do that stuff all in the same place (some wrangle node / where?) or
does the scaling has to happen in a sop and the sleep in the dop?
Damn, I really thought I was past that initial confusion when starting with
Houdini, but  a couple of months off seem to be a full reset on my brain...


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