[Sidefx-houdini-list] H16 Constraint behavior

Olivier Jeannel facialdeluxe at gmail.com
Thu Nov 2 08:44:32 EDT 2017

Hey tim, I received your mail.
If by any chance you find a way to send the rx ry rz from the Chop LookAt
to the SRT of the Object, I'd be interested.
Frankly, I navigate into the doc and various threads , but I'm unable to
solve this. And I don't get why it is so convoluted.

2017-11-02 13:03 GMT+01:00 Tim Bolland <Tim_Bolland at hotmail.co.uk>:

> Your not alone, I'm currently doing some rigging and using constraints
> such as look-at and I'm stumbling across a whole bunch of update/override
> issues.  CHOPs seem to be very sensitive to what flags you use, for example
> the look-at doesn't set the export flag, which is why I think you don't get
> updated values in the SRT. I also noticed different behaviour when I had
> the render flag of something switched on, which makes no sense to me.
> I'm having a look to see if I can isolate the issues but things seem to
> change so much, and sometimes things do work.
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> The worst beeing if I middle clic on the object constrained, I can read
> some r(x,y,z) values that are the correct local rotation, I just don't know
> how to copy them back to the rx ry rz at object level :/
> 2017-11-02 7:57 GMT+01:00 Olivier Jeannel <facialdeluxe at gmail.com>:
> Hi there,
> I'm "discovering" the constraint behaviour in Houdini (never used it
> before whatever version).
> So, I'm using that new "LookAt" in the Constraint shelf and it builds that
> Chop constraint.
> Where I'm confused, is that while the geometry is aligned at SOP level (ie
> : faces prims are aligned), but in fact the Axis at Object level is not.
> I think this join this previous discussion (about parenting)
> http://softimage.69864.x6.nabble.com/Houdini-hierarchical-
> organization-td7448.html#a7452
> <https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__softimage.69864.x6.nabble.com_Houdini-2Dhierarchical-2Dorganization-2Dtd7448.html-23a7452&d=DwMFaQ&c=76Q6Tcqc-t2x0ciWn7KFdCiqt6IQ7a_IF9uzNzd_2pA&r=GmX_32eCLYPFLJ529RohsPjjNVwo9P0jVMsrMw7PFsA&m=jlhsxz482ZyhCmTLTzZ2scMyMLAxsqwMzhjGKGu240U&s=VduWt4Wco939KxbK-TcnNGGO9XSXr_bdwOCNCGaJXyE&e=>
> This is confusing because you can no more transform object in local space
> (viewport manipulation).
> Or, for example, Constraint Lookup a Spot Light, and all the gizmo get off.
> But maybe I missed something obvious.
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