[Sidefx-houdini-list] Fast character cloth sims

Steven Quinones Colon steven at stevenquinones.com
Tue May 30 19:12:13 EDT 2017

Hi Guys,

A very simple nooby question. I have a simulation of a character being 
thrown across the room. He is an alembic animation about 18,000 points 
as a collider, and  has a business suit(just a jacket now for testing) 
with about 42,000 points, and I'm getting really flimsy looking 
cloth(more like silk) with the soft leather preset,  it's also taking 
more that half an hour per frame for the simulation. I've played with 
Stiffness Multiplier and Stretch Stiffness but anything past 2000 slows 
everything to a crawl, dampening helped. Any tricks from the experienced 
folks for this kind of sim for both of these problems?



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