[Sidefx-houdini-list] varying emitint over packed primitives.. can't get it to work

Martijn Grootendorst martinuz at gmail.com
Wed May 3 09:51:02 EDT 2017

K I'm lost, I hope you guys can help me:

I've got a bunch of points on which I 'copytopoints' a single sphere

I've checked Pack and instance and in the field To primitive/ Set, I'm
transferring emitcolor and emitint (these attrs were added on the points)

I've even used a renderstate in my principledshader where I collect the
attrs via

packed:emitint  (set to float)
packed:emitcolor (set to vector)

I've also selected "Save all material shops" (save all shops makes no
difference) under declare materials in my mantra node.

but I'm not getting any emission in my render.

what am i doing wrong?

i'm using 16.0.557 on windows (7)


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