[Sidefx-houdini-list] H16 Renderman 21.3 QT

Larry Giunta larry at gcreativestudios.com
Fri Mar 17 11:31:00 EDT 2017

Hi Pingo, 

I have submitted a fair amount of information from my end on related QT issues during a few exchanges with support.
However,  I don’t believe the problem has been solved yet. 

But please submit additional info if you can. I was offering info on the Mac end of things.
Maybe it will help if there is some additional input from the windows side.

On this note, I am also experienced a “memory leak” ( if I am using that term correctly ) in compositing.
( I know -  we all use other compositing packages, etc, so I didn’t mean to start that conversation).

But, on my Mac set up with H16, if I create a flip book of say 200 frames … the RAM is sucked up, but never released.
Even if I close the flip book window or comp directly to file. 

So, if I run 2 or 3 quick flip books to test something, the system runs out of memory causing issues across the board.
The only way to release the RAM is to quit Houdini before it taps out the system RAM.

They have reproduced this problem at support. But, as I understand, it’s still being investigated.


Larry Giunta 
Creative Director
G Creative Studios

> On Mar 17, 2017, at 9:40 AM, Pingo van der Brinkloev <pingo1 at mac.com> wrote:
> Hey, I am getting that annoying QT pop-up from houdini after launching with Renderman 21 env variables. Have to crash Houdini and delete the variables to continue. Tried both QT5 and QT4 installs
> Has this been solved?
> Windows 10, Houdini 16.0.504, Rm 21.3
> best,
> Pingo
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