[Sidefx-houdini-list] Collapse into Subnet

Jeff Wagner jeff at sidefx.com
Fri Jul 21 10:54:31 EDT 2017

Hi Floyd,

Yes there has been a significant change in the new network editor wrt 
RMB in blank space.

We moved the empty space RMB menu that gave you all the various options 
for working with nodes with the tab key options to a set of menus at the 
top of the network editor. We changed the RMB to giving you the same as 
hitting Tab to get the operator list. Having the operator list with RMB 
is going back in time to pre H9 days if you remember.

All those options and more are now in a more conventional set of menus 
at the top of the network editor.

As for collapsing a set of nodes in to a subnet:

  * Shift-C hotkey still works
  * Using the new menu options Edit > Collapse Selected in to subnet
  * There's the same old Create Subnet from selected icon at the top
    left of the network pane with a tool tip hover giving you the shortcut.


On 2017-07-21 1:03 AM, Floyd Gillis wrote:
> Sweet!
> On 7/21/17 1:57 PM, Jens Martensson wrote:
>> Try shift-c
>> Still works
>> On Fri, Jul 21, 2017 at 4:56 PM Floyd Gillis <floyd at afcg.com 
>> <mailto:floyd at afcg.com>> wrote:
>>     Hello List...
>>     /"To quickly put a bunch of nodes inside a subnetwork, select them,
>>     right click and choose //*Actions ▸ Collapse into Subnet*//."
>>     /For some reason, after selecting a group of nodes, "right click" no
>>     longer brings up the "Actions" option under the TAB Menu.
>>     If I "right click" on one of the selected nodes, "Actions" comes
>>     up, but
>>     only that one node is collapsed.
>>     Has something changed?
>>     Using 16.0.670 on Linux.
>>     Thanks,
>>     Floyd
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