[Sidefx-houdini-list] OT: 13inch laptop for occasional noodling in Houdini...

Dan Yargici danyargici at gmail.com
Fri Jul 14 15:24:36 EDT 2017

Hello good folk of the Houdini list.

I've been waiting for the new HP Envy range of 13inch laptops to arrive
since the announcement in May so I can finally replace my current, ancient,
(2006 - eeek!) machine.

The new Envy range seemed to have all the boxes ticked for my needs, with
modern ports (no Thunderbolt 3 though), dedicated graphics (the new Nvidia
MX150 with 2gb of vram), fingerprint reader, webcam in the correct place
(looking at you, Dell) etc.  However, since it's release I've been told to
my amazement that HP have no plans for a 16gb model, only 8gb.

Now, the machine will mostly be for casual use, but I may want to
occasionally do some noodling in Houdini at home so I just thought I'd do a
quick poll here to gauge people's opinions.  Obviously the kind of Houdini
work I'd be doing would be pretty lightweight geometry experiments and
simple sims due to the obvious constraints also thrown up by using a mobile

So what do you think?  I'm not going to be able to wait for the inevitable
follow up version and like I say it's got pretty much every other box
ticked.  Aside from the RAM issue, for this price no other machine comes
close in the 13inch segment imo.

Here are the specs:




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