[Sidefx-houdini-list] Moving assets along

Fabricio Chamon fabricio.chamon at gmail.com
Fri Dec 8 11:30:13 EST 2017

Hi there.

(beginner question alert!)

I'm preping/look-dev'ing props for a project, and want to hand over fully
contained node networks to other artists: geo import+materials+a very
simple rig+static particles.

What is the most convenient way to pass over "stuff" down the pipe ? I'm
coming from Softimage, which has the "Model" concept, where I can
store/export everything into an encapsulated format.

I understand HDAs might be the answer, but my props don't have any
parametric data, they are just simple props. Does it still makes sense to
have them shared as HDA's? I'm asking because it has a cost of installing
an asset.. or does the "hda" project folder gets scanned automatically when
setting up $JOB?

I'd like to have some sort of top level container where I could distribute
a single file to others (don't need to embed textures or geometry, as they
are all referenced with relative paths inside the project folder).


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