[Sidefx-houdini-list] Camera referencing

François Duchesneau houdini at trinix.ca
Tue Aug 15 08:06:42 EDT 2017

Have you tried putting your camera in a gallery? Although I would say 
this would be more overkill than HDAs. I think HDA is the way to go.


On 08/15/2017 06:34 AM, Gerbrand Nel wrote:
> Hey smart people :)
> I'm working on a project with a few other artists, and we were 
> wondering what the best way would be to reference cameras between us.
> I would like to have a live read of the camera and animation in my 
> scene, so that it automatically updates as the master file is saved, 
> or cached or whatever.
> I know an HDA will work for this, but I find them a bit overkill to 
> reload.
> ABC is an option, but we have camera switch nodes in our master file, 
> and I'm not sure if that will work.
> I've also had some problems with lenses and .abc in the past, so I'm 
> not too exited about them.
> Am I missing a cool tool, or should we just go with HDA?
> Thanks
> Gerbrand Nel
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