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Ron Schab ron.schab at gmail.com
Thu Oct 27 16:43:42 EDT 2016

Hey Gary,

you can use the point vop instead now.  It should look very familar to what
u've seen done in the old vop sops.

Advantage setting scale and your other attributes in a point vop after you
have done your pop sim being that u don't have to resim each time in order
to see your changes.

In there you can use particle age and/or life (or a normalized age by
dividing age/live with a divide vop) to drive all kinds of attributes.
The attribute you want to export from in there for your scale is pscale of
course.  Best to use a bind export for that these days.
You can also add all kinds of randomnessessessessess* via noises, patterns
or what ever other function you want to use.
Also you'll have your fit ranges, can set conditions, loops and so forth in

U can add a displacement to current point positions in there as well as
create all kinds of other attributes that u can then use in i.e. shaderland
or wherever to drive whatever u need.

hope that clarifies it a bit more


Ron Schab


On Thu, Oct 27, 2016 at 6:12 PM, Gary Jaeger <gary at corestudio.com> wrote:

> I’m digging into another project. Ye olde particle instances (cubes,
> spheres, etc) flowing along a path with some randomness. The kind of thing
> I can do in Maya and Mash pretty easily but seems like something I should
> be able to tackle in houdini. I’ve figured out the emitter flowing along
> paths, and finally figured out that I also needed to add a instance thing
> underneath the import_location (why is that, btw?) because my popinstance
> would show up in the scene but not render. That took a while.
> But the things I’m used to being able to bang out quickly - size over
> life, controlled randomness in size and position, assigning random shaders,
> etc etc - are all new. Any suggestions on where to go to get up to speed on
> those workflows?
> One thing I have been finding is that it seems as if Houdini has changed
> the way it does things over the years. So some older tutorials contain
> references to things like vop sops that are gone.
> Anyway, any suggestions on things to ready and/or watch is appreciated.
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