[Sidefx-houdini-list] Netbox werdness

Olivier Jeannel facialdeluxe at gmail.com
Wed Oct 26 00:55:25 EDT 2016

Hi guys,

2 bizarre things I'm having when trying to wok with Netboxes :

When I draw a netbox and then type the name for the netbox, I often have to
type it several time before Houdini accepts it.

example : I want to rename the default name "netbox", I click, type
"myname", hit enter, and the netbox is now called "netbox1".

I tried several ways for validating :
hit enter
hit tab
clic outside the netbox
reselect the text mouse clic outside the netbox

it always takes 3 to 5 trials before it accepts "myname" ...excellent for
my nerves.

Once the netbox is drawn (yeah), if I try to manipulate a node or a group
of nodes within this netbox, it suddenly goes "under" the netbox. It's no
big deal, but is there a way to make it go "above" the netbox again ?

Maybe I'm the only one having these weird behaviours when working with
Netbox ?

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