[Sidefx-houdini-list] adding geo to carved paths

Gary Jaeger gary at corestudio.com
Mon Nov 7 10:22:34 EST 2016

So I came up with a setup that (I think) I'm happy with to use as emitters
for particles. I wanted to be able to add as many or as few paths and have
particles emit from the ends, as if they were snaking through the scene.
Pretty easy, even for me. Basically add as many paths as I want, merge,
then animated carve. Works a treat

But where I'm getting hung up is that I might want the option of having
some geo instead of just the path as an emitter. For instance having a
circle at each of the second U carve points for every curve. I tried a few
things - extrude, sweep, copy -  but they're obviously not right.

seems an easy-ish thing but not quite sure how to tackle it.

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