[Sidefx-houdini-list] PySide and Non Modal Dialogs in Houdini

Dan Schneider eyevex at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 30 21:00:21 EDT 2016

I have previously made standalone apps in pySide but am now undertaking first adventures inside Houdini.I am attempting to make a Auto-complete Filtered Combobox, so as entries are typed and  the popup list is filtered.
The combo box is based on this post.http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4827207/

It is then placed inside a extended dialog.
However, dialog is locked to the main app window. An Effect of this is, as typing, the popup dissapears(?)  and the ghosted image does not allow seeing the filtered text clearly.
It would seem the solution is to make non-modal. I attempt this by setting on dialog
But in combination with exec_, has not affect and oddly with show() -- does not actually show the dialog.I am probably making an obvious -- or not so obvious? error... 
Anyone with experience using the internal PySide have any ideas?   Im on RHEL/KDE
ThanksDan [eyevex]

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