[Sidefx-houdini-list] Guided Ocean sim

François Duchesneau sidefx at trinix.ca
Sat Mar 12 14:37:29 EST 2016

After reading Javier I realized I completely misunderstood that you were 
talking about the non standard Houdini ocean toolkit :)

On 03/12/2016 02:34 PM, François Duchesneau wrote:
> What do you mean by, an .abc of that sim? If you're referring to the 
> ocean toolkit water pattern generation, well you have it live to 
> deform any geometry you pipe into the same Ocean Evaluate that you 
> used to generated the map for your MR render.
> Regarding the foam, I wasn't very happy with the foam generated from 
> the Ocean Evaluate and I used my own particle sim emitted from the 
> Ocean Evaluate. I get more details, more control and it simulates 
> faster while still being emitted at the cusp of waves. I do it on a 
> flat grid matching the Ocean Spectrum size starting with a reasonable 
> amount of polys. Then I delete all polys that are out of range of the 
> cusp attribute. From there I scatter points and do the same process, 
> this time the Ocean Spectrum gives me a more precise cusp attribute on 
> those points. This becomes my emitter. I then render this flat 
> particles sim on a texture that will match the ocean toolkit setup.
> For my shots I had boat splashes for like 500 boats so I came up with 
> a system where I made a boat splash flat from the center of the world 
> and snapped it everywhere a boat was, adapting again on the ocean 
> surface just by using the same Ocean Evaluate.
> If you're talking about wave splashes then you can deform a mesh and 
> use a technique similar to the foam approach but not on a flat grid. I 
> haven't had to do that either but I thought Houdini had a shelf tool 
> for that kind of effect.
> Hope it gives some ideas for different options.
> Francois
> On 03/12/2016 01:59 PM, Gary Jaeger wrote:
>> Ok, so I’m tired of banging my head against the Bifrost wall. 
>> Probably less a Bifrost issue than a Autodesk documentation issue, 
>> but either way…
>> So assume we have an ocean render (generate with Houdini Ocean 
>> Toolkit, render in mr) that we’re happy with. Is it possible to use 
>> an .abc of that sim and in Houdini just add splashes and foam? What 
>> would that workflow look like? I’ve poked around and found a few 
>> threads from a few years back nothing exactly like this.
>> Thanks so much
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