[Sidefx-houdini-list] Houdini Indie, no support for exporting .ass

Gerbrand Nel g at cannonballbunny.com
Mon Jun 27 04:38:48 EDT 2016

I know you were asking about Arnold, and not Redshift, but just thought 
I would add my 10c here
I'm a freelancer, and used arnold for about 4 years in Softimage.
I moved to houdini Indie, and I'm using redshift at the moment.
All I can say is, I'm not looking back :)
Have a look, It's worth checking out.
On 27/06/2016 06:44, Nick Deboar wrote:
> Hey,
> I'm a sole trader, and I was really interested in moving to Houdini Indie +
> HtoA. I use online render farms like Zync for rendering, which currently
> only support direct rendering of .ass files, there is no support currently
> for HtoA nativity. Not having .ass export support is a bit of a deal
> breaker for me then. Is there any plans for this to change?
> Ta,
> Nick Deboar
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> www.nickdeboar.com
> m +61 435887248
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