[Sidefx-houdini-list] HDA script management

Andy Nicholas andy at andynicholas.com
Wed Feb 24 09:59:36 EST 2016

Thanks Peter, that's super useful. I guess it then reduces to a very 
similar workflow to building a regular bit of source code.

I just need to wrap my head around how to manage the editing of it all. 
I'd obviously prefer to edit the parameter and their layout in Houdini, 
while deal with the Python externally. So first thoughts are to write a 
python script that uses hotl to export the HDA to a temporary location 
and then copy the DialogScript file (and any other non-python files) to 
the repository location. Will have a think about that, but it seems to 
be the best way to go.

Thanks for your help (and to everyone else too),

On 23/02/2016 21:34, Peter Bowmar wrote:
> Hi Andy,
> Yes, for sure you could edit externally then build the Python into the HDA
> for publish. "hotl" (the command line tool) will be one of your friends
> here, unless you want to pull an Hscript license and do it via Hython and
> HOM.
> I've done something similar recently for the Tools section of HDAs, and it
> works quite well.
> Cheers,
> Peter B
> On 23 February 2016 at 13:22, Andy Nicholas <andy at andynicholas.com> wrote:
>> Okay, so having thought about it further, I’m partially going to answer my
>> own question here…
>> It seems that it’s never gonna be a good idea to import Python modules
>> live into an HDA (unless they’re built-ins or stable core studio pipeline
>> modules, etc.) for the reasons I mentioned in my first email.
>> So given that, then the only option is to store the code internally. But
>> maybe there’s a hybrid approach that might work. What if we edit and store
>> the code externally, and have a system so that when we save the HDA, the
>> code is *copied* into the HDA so that it gets stored within. That way,
>> there’s never an issue with synchronising versions. If it could be
>> automated (and lets face it, we wouldn’t want to do it manually), then
>> there’s no reason you couldn’t get it to trigger a git commit at the same
>> time to update the repo.
>> If anyone has any thoughts about that as an approach or if you’ve done
>> something similar, I’d love to hear (on or off list).
>> A
>>> On 23 Feb 2016, at 15:40, Andy Nicholas <andy at andynicholas.com> wrote:
>>> Hey folks,
>>> I've been getting further into HDA authoring and have been writing a lot
>> of HDA embedded python scripts. One thing I'm missing is not writing Python
>> in my favourite IDE (PyCharm) with all the benefits that brings, like reuse
>> of code, being able to do Diffs, and being able to manage code versioning
>> through Git. Ideally I'd like to have all my HDA Python code stored
>> externally.
>>> So I was just wondering if anyone had got a workflow going with
>> versioning HDAs and externally imported python modules? Seems like it could
>> be a can of worms having to make sure that the version of the asset matches
>> the correct version of imported python module. Any HDAs used on a job would
>> have to have a corresponding python module available in the path and it's
>> hard to see how conflicts could be managed easily (especially since
>> multiple versions of the same HDA could be used in the same Hip file).
>>> Anyone have any experience trying to manage this in their set up?
>>> Cheers,
>>> Andy
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