[Sidefx-houdini-list] Off the shelf Renderfarm options

Jeff McFall Jeff.McFall at sas.com
Tue Feb 16 13:17:58 EST 2016

Royal Render works great for us and we have been using it for years.
We started using it with Soft and AE then added Houdini, May, and C4D without any hitches.
We just use the basic features, it has lots of node and job management options.


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I'm looking to find out what off the shelf render farms people prefer currently for production; likes and dislikes?

Short background: We need to use our nodes for Houdini, Max, Maya, fume, and a few other software. Currently about ~100 nodes, and we don't have a dedicated render farm technician so the most hands off, off the shelf is the best. I have experience with Hqueue, Rush, Deadline, and Qube, so I am looking for any additional off the shelf software, too beyond those. I'm currently using Hqueue for Houdini simulations, but I need to share the majority of render nodes with the other softwares. 
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