[Sidefx-houdini-list] Ocean Surface - displacement to camera

steven ong steve_nong at pointy.tv
Mon Feb 15 13:10:04 EST 2016

If it's a simple gradient, you can set up a VOP like Francois said or 
just paint with a Paint SOP and in the Ocean shader, you can use a "Bind 
VOP" to import the Cd attribute and multiply the Displacement value with it.

Another way to do it is to put a Metaball around the camera, connect the 
Ocean grid to the first input of the Magnet SOP and the metaball to the 
second then adjust the Y translate values to push the surface down.

Or select the points/prims around the camera using a Transform SOP and 
translate them down.


On 02/15/2016 08:04, Gary Jaeger wrote:
> Hello. I’m playing around with the Ocean Waves shelf tool. I need to be down low, with fairly large waves. Works great, and I have a look that I’m dialing in, but what I need to do is control the height of the waves as they get close to the camera. Imagine a low camera looking across the ocean. I just want to fake the height close to camera so I don’t get huge swells rolling past. Not reality, but that’s ok. In maya for instance I might take a gradient and layer it up so that white = some negative multiplier and black = whatever the node is generating. Doesn’t have to be that, but some way that I can visually adjust and control the ocean surface.
> Any body point a noob in the right direction? thanks!
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