[Sidefx-houdini-list] Cool procedural modelling approach

Neil Dickson ndickson at sidefx.com
Fri Feb 12 11:01:29 EST 2016

Quite nice!

It's too bad that they don't handle seams better, though.  Within a UV 
island, the results look good, but it looks like it's just doing a fancy 
clipping at the seams, so, for example, the brickwork looks bizarre at 
the boundaries.  It's certainly not an easy problem to solve, (I don't 
know how one would do it in general), but it's perhaps the biggest 
difficulty with geometry shading that has a lot of depth to it, so it'd 
be nice to see what innovative solutions people can come up with.


On 11/02/2016 8:33 PM, Craig Hoffman wrote:
> This is pretty interesting:
> 	http://www.automodeller.com/
> It seems like this is something that Houdini could have been good at.
> -Craig
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