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Crest Christopher crestchristopher at gmail.com
Mon Feb 8 22:04:00 EST 2016

The "." & ".." always mean the node above, not the hierarchy; if so, 
that is one thing I was getting hung up on.

You mentioned that the expression needs the name of the node that has 
the incoming connection into it; but you didn't apply the expression yet 
? ;-)

If you applied the expression centroid, "." is the current node if there 
was another node I assume that would be ".." ! ;-)

When you say plug; you mean the first node in the hierarchy, which you 
skip the torus and go straight to the transform node ? If you had 
another transform node that would be
centroid(opinputpath(".",1),D_X) ?

And so D_X stands for... ?

François Duchesneau wrote:
> opinputpath returns the path of a node. Let's say we have a torus at 
> /obj/geo1/torus1. This torus is plugged into Transform Sop. You want 
> to have the pivot of the transform to be the center of the torus. The 
> expression "centroid" can you give that.
> Now the centroid expression requires the path to a node. To get the 
> path of torus1 node procedurally you use the expression "opinputpath". 
> This expression needs the name of the node that has the incoming 
> connection into it. In this case the node is the one that has the 
> expression written to it. The special "." means this node. ".." means 
> the node above. Don't think the node above means the torus, we're 
> talking about the hierarchy here, above is the parent /obj/geo1.
> So in the Pivot X channel you would write the following:
> centroid(opinputpath(".", 0), D_X)
> The first parameter of centroid is the current node. Then 0 is to tell 
> we're querying the first plug. The second plug would be 1 and so on 
> but you don't have two plugs on a Transform Sop anyway. 

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