[Sidefx-houdini-list] noob procedural animation

Gary Jaeger gary at corestudio.com
Sun Feb 7 12:43:03 EST 2016

OK, I’ve been going through the docs and vimeo vids to start to get up to speed in houdini. Good stuff. I thought I’d give myself a little procedural test to see if I actually understood some basic concepts - and I failed. Here is the simplified maya version of what I was trying to do:


But what I really wanted was to make myself a little tool with sliders to control:

random scalex of the cross sections of the pipes
experiment with number of pipes
experiment with direction and speed of the pipe revolve 
experiment with timing of the pipe’s rotations into place

I don’t necessarily want individual control of each element. Rather overall speeds with variance. 

I got as far as creating a plane, copying (or duplicating? Which is better in this case?) and revolving them. But I couldn’t figure out the random parts (I tried attribute randomize but it didn’t work). Also my revolves ended up being a single group that I couldn’t see how to rotate individually. 

Anyway, I know I could build this just like I did in maya, with basically all individual elements. But I figured there had to be a clean, elegant way in houdini. Any tips to lead me down the right path? 


(by the way, is this best place or should I be in the sidefx forums? I prefer mailing lists but not really sure where the party’s at)

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