[Sidefx-houdini-list] Senior Lighting Artist, (Stockholm, Sweden)

John Roxenhed john at milford.se
Fri Apr 29 10:55:26 EDT 2016

Milford Creative Studio seeks a Senior Lighting Artist to start work as
soon as possible and join our team as a full-time, permanent employee.

If you are an experienced artist with ambition and skills to bring
immersive worlds, engaging characters, mysterious creatures and astounding
effects to life and meet our client’s expectation of world class CGI,
Milford may be the studio for you. We are a quite small studio with a very
experienced and skilled team who share the same ambition to deliver world
class storytelling in the area of character and creature performance and
visual effects.

Junior artists/interns: If you know you are a world class talent but have
not had enough years to prove this, you are welcome to apply at a junior
level. Please state this in your cover letter when applying.

Qualified Senior-level applicants should have:


   Good/advanced knowledge of lighting and rendering, preferably in Houdini.

   Good/advanced knowledge of Nuke or similar node-based compositing tool
   (Nuke is favored.) The applicant should be able to put together and create
   basic Nuke composites of their own renders.

   The ability to cooperate and work within a strong team environment,
   possibly together with a lead and/or a supervisor.

   Having a positive attitude towards projects and colleagues.

   A flexible approach to creativity and problem solving.

   Proven track record of at least three years working in a commercial
   production environment in a similar role (references, etc).

   Excellent attention to detail.

   Ability to multi-task, prioritize and problem solve.

   Strong communication and interpersonal skills.

   Production experience with path tracing render engines.

   Look development experience.

Preferred Qualifications:


   Experience in a technical area such as coding/scripting/python is
   considered a bonus.

   Shader or renderer coding experience a plus.


The Senior Lighting Artist is responsible for all aspects of light, render
and look development in collaboration with others in the light department.
Depending on the nature of the project, s/he will match real world lighting
to film footage and/or create a full lighting setup for full CG films,
according to brief.

Additionally, the Senior Lighting Artist shall be responsible for:


   Keeping a schedule and meeting deadlines while meeting the quality
   demands of the client

   Keeping ongoing communication with Production, supervisors and fellow
   lighting artists regarding schedules and deadlines, as well as
   communicating with other department to secure assets or elements as needed
   to ensure work is completed on time

   Creating efficient rendering setups to optimize render times

   Other duties, including problem solving and troubleshooting, as needed

About Milford

Milford Creative Studio www.milford.se is an award-winning creative studio
specializing and film and animation based in Stockholm, Sweden. Founded in
2001, we are a collective of artists and producers who are passionate about
the potential of the combination of craft and technology to create great

Applicants should send a letter of interest with references, CV and demo
reel to opportunity at milford.se by May 13th. Qualified applicants will be
interviewed during the third week of May. A decision will be made during
the last week of May.

John Roxenhed | Vfx Supervisor
Milford Film & Animation AB
Bondegatan 21
116 33 Stockholm, Sweden

Phone: +46 (0) 8 644 07 50
Cell:    +46 (0) 70 646 00 54

Showreel <http://youtu.be/GL5ipyg3cYI>
Youtube channel <http://www.youtube.com/user/milfordfilmanimation>

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