[Sidefx-houdini-list] Arnold .ass sequences and Houdini instances

Pierre Rousseau pierrot.rousseau at gmail.com
Wed Apr 20 10:06:09 EDT 2016

Hello, I posted this questions on the sidefx forums yesterday but
I thought I might as well ask it on the mailing list :).

Does someone know how to instantiate an .ass file sequence in Houdini that
works with motion blur?

Setting a "instancefile" attribute on the points to load geo directly from
the network works but only if I don't render with motion blur. Otherwise, I
get an error. Rendering in local works but the ass file creation fails.

00:00:00 1017MB ERROR | AiArrayGetMtx: out-of-range error in
src/pygeo/arnold/instancer.cpp at line 604

If I use an "instance" attribute instead and load an .ass file with an
"arnold_procedural" node, I can make it work but only if I check
"load_at_init", a parameter I can't get if I load directly the files from
an attribute in my instancer. Everything would be easy if I needed static
objects but I need a sequence. I tried the "instancepoint()" function in
the path of the sequence on the "arnold_procedural" but it always returns
-1, probably because that parameter is used inside the node at SOP level.

If anybody has an idea on how to make it works, it would be greatly
appreciated [image: Smile] .



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