[Sidefx-houdini-list] How to toggle operations in the UV Brush SOP

Agent Xray xray at agentxray.com
Sun Apr 3 19:10:03 EDT 2016

Greetings List.

How do I change the brush operation in the UV Brush SOP?
The only behavior I can seem to get out of the UV Brush SOP is the "drag".
If I select another behavior, as soon as I try to paint in the viewport 
the operation resets to "drag".
Using the "apply to all" button seems to have no effect.

I'm using the pighead test geometry with a UV Pelt along the bottom to 
generate the UV's . I was hoping to be able to use the UV Brsuh SOP to 
edit them. Dragging them is working, but I don't know how to adjust the 
brush behavior.


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