[Sidefx-houdini-list] Exporting Character Animations to UE4

Craig Hoffman craigleehoffman at aol.com
Wed Nov 4 13:18:50 EST 2015

I used to do it all the time a couple years ago so it should work - unless something broke.  But import options in UE4 are kind of weird and you might need to play with them.  I would start there- also search for some online writeups about Houdini to UE4 and see what you can find.  I remember there used to be info on this somewhere.


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I am attempting to export a basic character animation that uses a bone only
rig to test for animations in UE4. I have an fbx which works in Maya but
for some reason in UE4 it shows the animation on the joints but no mesh
deformations. Does anyone have any leads or ideas as to what might be wrong
between Houdini and UE4?


Justin "JEEBS" Bloomer

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