[Sidefx-houdini-list] Best way to export fur as geo?

Gerbrand Nel g at cannonballbunny.com
Tue Nov 3 11:19:44 EST 2015

Blender doesn’t support alembic, and I have no idea if I could render 
poly lines in blender.
At the moment I'm using a add sop to rebuild the fur.. then I use a copy 
stamp to copy lines with the "width" as length.. I then skin these.
This takes about an hour to export 60 frames, but it renders in blender.
I'm hoping there is a faster way to convert the fur to geo!
My mantra frames took about 20 min a frame.. so far cycles is giving me 
comparable results under 3 min a frame.
We need some GPU goodness in mantra!
On 03/11/2015 16:38, Owl wrote:
> Hi,
> why cant you use alembic and poly lines / curves? blender doesn't support
> them?
> On Tue, 3 Nov 2015 at 09:34 Gerbrand Nel <g at cannonballbunny.com> wrote:
>> Hi guys.
>> I'm still figuring out how to get my files to blender.
>> I've figured out geo and cameras, but fur is a problem.
>> I want to test how well it would work to convert the fur inside houdini
>> to poly ribons, and export an obj with mdd cache.
>> I tried it with poly wires, but that is very heavy.
>> What would be the best way to convert fur into poly ribbons?
>> I would like to taper them based on the fur length, or the taper
>> function in the fur object. I think its called furstyle_thickness.
>> It would also be great if I can get them to face the camera at all times.
>> This will probably be too heavy for blender, but I would like to test it
>> before I give up.
>> Thanks guys
>> G
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