[Sidefx-houdini-list] DSO Compile GCC version

Alvaro Castaneda varomix at gmail.com
Thu May 14 18:12:36 EDT 2015

Hey guys

I'm compiling SliceHoudini in linux so far the only thing is loading to
Houdini fails

I'm using Houdini 14.0.291 which is build with GCC *4.8.2*
I compiled the DSO using GCC *4.8.3*

the question is, will this make the DSO not load in Houdini?

I get this message when I start Houdini

Houdini DSO error on '/home/varomix/houdini14.0/dso/
OpenSpliceHoudini.0.4.0.so <http://opensplicehoudini.0.4.0.so/>'
        /home/varomix/houdini14.0/dso/OpenSpliceHoudini.0.4.0.so: undefined
 symbol: _ZN14FabricServices8Commands7Command7destroyEv

thank you

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