[Sidefx-houdini-list] houdini modeling?

Srecko Micic srecko.micic at gmail.com
Tue May 12 10:15:13 EDT 2015

I do not see much benefits of Uber tool, at least if it works like Edit Node in 3dsMax. I like to be able to go back and tweak nodes later,or combine them in one tool,  that is why I love Houdini :D 

What I would like to have is more and better implemented (with more options) SOPs.
- For example better Bevel sop that works like Cinema4D. 
- Slide edge/vertices along edge, surface .... 
- Snapping on object surface not just vertices - Retopology
- Poly bridge. 
- Boolean improved, I find this rarely works, but I think it is important for Houdini to have this implemented as better as possible. 
- More curve options (easy to round corners, offset, combine them etc), add splines as in 3dsMax, this is also important for Houdini because of it’s procedural approach.
- Something like Backdrop in Modo, much easier to work with reference images than what we have now (transparent, overlay, easy to scale, rotate, translate). 
- More NURBS tools. 
- Matcaps implemented
- Enhance DXF and EPS/AI importers
- Small modelling helpers, like make circle from selected faces etc. 

Srecko Micic
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> On May 12, 2015, at 15:22, Jordan Walsh <jordan.h.walsh at gmail.com> wrote:
> It would be really nice to have an UBER modeling node like an edit node but
> with all the modeing tools built in, like divide, add, extrude etc for
> organic modeling and also keeping the tools in their normal node for for
> procedural setups.
> A node that has the same functionality as 3dsMax's Edit Poly modifier would
> be awesome. It is a massive pain to have a giant string of nodes for some
> modelling tasks.
> Jordan
> PS, I do love using an Add SOP to remove prims ;)
> On Tue, May 12, 2015 at 1:05 PM, François Duchesneau <sidefx at trinix.ca>
> wrote:
>> I wonder if the goal here is not to be able to set absolute value in a non
>> procedural way. My understanding is while you're editing your points
>> sometimes you want to say the selected ones go to 10 in Y and then the next
>> selection go 5 in X, in architecture modeling for example.
>> The last thing you want is have an AttribWrangle and then conntinue your
>> editing with another Edit Sop. If the Edit Sop had a toggle for World Space
>> editing then you could use switch from one style to the other for the
>> following operation.
>> Thanks
>> Francois
>> Also, if you want something as specific as setting the x component of the
>>> P attribute to 10, it doesn't seem like a giant leap to say @P.x = 10;
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