[Sidefx-houdini-list] houdini modeling?

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Hi Sam,

To adjust the pivot temporarily use the " key or Shift + " to just 
adjust the Translate pivot. This will bring you into Pivot Mode.  Then 
select the v key to snap to a point. Select the " key to bring it back 
from Pivot Mode. When you want to move the pivot back to the Center, go 
back to Pivot Mode, Right Click on the square to bring up the menu, 
select Snap To and then Centroid.

You should be able to snap to other geo just by selecting V which allows 
you to snap to another geo's points.

I hope this helps!

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>Hi Sam,
>I had exactly the same problem back in the days. The only solution I
>found was forgetting about all other softwares and work and learn
>Regarding to your questions:
>1. Transform SOP, Attrib VOP, Attrib Wrangle SOP with expression
>@P.x = 10;
>2. Didn't get it.
>On Thu, May 7, 2015 at 10:06 PM, Sam Cuttriss <teanau at gmail.com> wrote:
>>  Where is the best place to get a grasp of basic interactive modeling 
>>  houdini?
>>  I start projects intending to do the whole thing in houdini, but find
>>  myself retreating to other apps quickly when basic poly modeling is
>>  required.
>>     - how do i translate a few points to world X = 10? ( the edit node 
>>     gives me local offsets?)
>>     - can i temporarily place a pivot to enable snapping geo from one 
>>     to another?
>>  there are a bunch of small basic modeling features i need to get work 
>>  quickly, but those two would get me at least productive.
>>  thanks
>>  _sam
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