[Sidefx-houdini-list] Command-line render

Sam Swift-Glasman glassman3d at gmail.com
Thu Mar 26 06:51:12 EDT 2015

personally i use hython (houdini's interactive python shell) it is much
more powerful and easier to use due it's object oriented nature

to run use the following

*hython -v "myscript.py"*

it involves a bit of work learning the hou module but python is much easier
to deal with especially if your tasks involve munging strings for changing
paths ect
hscript is archaic and painful i.m.h.o ;)

it is all well documented but here are a few functions to get you started:

hou.hipFile.load("pathtomyhipfile")  # open a hipfile
myrop = hou.node("/out/myrop") # assign your rop object to a variable
myrop.parm("trange").set( 1 ) # set rop to render a frame range
myrop.parmTuple("f").set ( (1,200,1) ) # sets frame ranges -parm tuples are
vector values
myrop.parm("soho_outputmode").set( 0 ) # turns off ifd creation
myrop.parm("vm_picture").set( """pathtomyrender.$F4.exr""" ) # set render
myrop.render() # render the rop

the above script will render form houdini though this isn't the recommended
approach, it is often better to create render archives (ifd files) then use
mantra. This is because the above will use a houdini license whereas once
your archives are created you can use mantra which comes with 100 license
by standard

hou.hipFile.load("pathtomyhipfile") # open a hipfile
myrop = hou.node("/out/myrop") # assign your rop object to a variable
myrop.parm("soho_outputmode").set( 1 ) # turn on ifd creation
myrop.parm("soho_diskfile").set( """pathtomyrender.$F4.ifd"""  ) # sets ifd
myrop.parm("vm_picture").set( """pathtomyrender.$F4.exr""" ) # stes render
myrop.render() # render the rop

then use mantra from the command line to render

mantra -f ""pathtoifdfile"""

hope that helps

Sam Swift-Glasman

On Thu, Mar 26, 2015 at 8:14 AM, Aviv Bar Ami <avivba at snowball.co.il> wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm trying to automate some Houdini processing, and would like it to be
> outside of Houdini, and with a single button (in a host application, or a
> python\batch file).
> I found that there are a couple of ways you can achieve this, and most
> people recommended using hbatch, but I couldn't find an example I could use
> in a script or a batch file.
> Using the hbatch command in a command prompt window (I'm on windows btw),
> works great, and I managed to render a specific rop from a given hip file,
> but I'm still looking for a way to automate it..
> I'm looking for something like:
> hbatch render -f "myHipFile" -rop /out/myROP
> But I could be way off..
> Appreciate any help you can offer!
> Thanks,
> Aviv
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