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Peter Bowmar pbowmar at gmail.com
Tue Apr 14 16:03:53 EDT 2015

Hi Francois,

So, you're using Apprentice at work? You probably need to talk to your
sysadmin on how that was set up, it's usually done by settings in
hserver.opt in your $HOME to use "apprentice licensing". If that file
exists you could rename it and see if you can get a full license.

However, I recommend getting your sysadmin involved, the worst thing in the
world is accidentally getting an Apprentice license (and not noticing) when
you needed a commercial.


Peter B

On 14 April 2015 at 12:54, Francois Lord <flordlists at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi.
> I'm relatively new to Houdini, coming over from Softimage like many
> others. I've been learning Houdini using the Apprentice license at home and
> at work. However, now has come the time to test Arnold. For that I need a
> real license. Good new, we have two floating licenses of Houdini FX at
> work, usually always used by our FX artists. But this week they are free.
> Yay!
> Now how do I switch my Houdini from Apprentice to the real license?
> I went in the local License Administrator tool and the option "Change
> License Server" is grayed out. Do I need to uninstall Houdini entirely for
> this? I would prefer not, especially as I will have to go back to
> Apprentice soon.
> Thanks.
> Francois Lord
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