[Sidefx-houdini-list] exploding trees

Adrian Lee dryrainstudios at gmail.com
Tue Sep 23 10:55:32 EDT 2014

Morning boys and girls

Im trying to explode a thinish tree using bullet but im having un wanted
explosions I suspect from interpenetration and using concave instead
convexed colision geo. Convex gives an ok result but not ideal.
The tree was a rush job from paintfx which has been re topologised and re
meshed in zbrush and appeard pretty water tight.
Some of my issues come from the fracturing but I have used the
tetrahedralize to find and fix interpenertration but the tree still
explodes on frame 1 with Concave colisions.
Its a small tree roughly 2x3x3 h.units with thin but not dense branches
Any tricks? Can I shrink the collision volume some how like you can with
convex. To stop the inter penertration?
Any help would be great.

Adrian Ed Lee


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