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To get groups, append a nameSop with group by name on in the nameSop. You
need to provide one of the groups name in the name section, the name should
be the same as the group name. In the alembic Rop use partition by
attribute, with name going in the attribute to use. Also for format use
HD5. You will need to have view shapes on in Maya in the outliner and click
down to see your group bindings. As well you need to make sure that the
name sop is the last in the chain and is ON (clicked Blue)

I have not tried to carry Cd via alembic but I believe there is another
alembicRop that Imre Tuske wrote that might carry this data - I have yet to
use this. I have used .bin from the houdini realflow exporter to get Cd
into maya though, and that works no problem but I have only done this with

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On Fri, Sep 12, 2014 at 2:21 PM, Beatriz Lorenzo <bealobo at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello there!
> hey I´m trying to export a file from houdini to maya using alembic but Cd
> is not recognized, I just need a float so I created a mask attribute and it
> didn´t work either.
> Anyone knows how to do this? I need to be able to select two areas (that
> change over time) of a geo in maya.
> Any trick in this direction will work, I also tried groups as facesets but
> I can´t see these facesets in maya, only using an attribute to divide the
> geo works but I cannot divide the geo really.
> Thanks,
> Beatriz
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