[Sidefx-houdini-list] Mantra farm rendering to server killing network, ideas?

Antoine Durr antoinedurr at gmail.com
Mon Sep 8 10:26:00 EDT 2014

It shouldn't be too hard to implement this in the wrapper script that renders the Mantra jobs.  Assuming you've written out the .ifd for the frame, just find and replace the output file with a local filename, then render away, then copy the frame wholesale.  You'll want to 'touch' the original file location just to be sure that it can be properly written to.  The disadvantage of this approach is that you can't preview frames in progress as they're all on their local render hosts.  But the network savings might be worth it, though of course you need to do the basic math: 200 machines * 120 MB / seconds-per-frame = X MB/sec and see if your filer is up to the task.  Are the reads coming from there as well, e.g. textures, models, etc.?  'hconfig -a' doesn't list any MANTRA env vars related to buffering, but that's something SESI might be able to implement if they haven't done so internally already, just not exposed the buffer size as an env var.

-- Antoine

On Sep 8, 2014, at 2:29 AM, Matt Estela <matt.estela at gmail.com> wrote:

> Curious if anyone else has suffered this sort of thing;
> We sent a Mantra job to the farm, relatively fast per-frame times, but deep
> exr's with lots of layers meaning it came in at around 120mb per frame.
> When this was rendered by lots of farm machines at once (like 200 or more),
> this was enough to bring the filer to its knees, lots of fingers pointed,
> sad sysadmins.
> I know we've rendered stuff heavier than this before with PRman. Turns out
> this problem had been identified and fixed a while ago, in that our Maya
> PRman jobs automatically render to the local scratch disk locally per farm
> machine, then copy the frame to the filer when done, keeping the network
> happy.
> Anyone implemented such a thing in Mantra? Or know of mystery Mantra
> options to force it to keep its network write operations to a minimum?
> -matt
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