[Sidefx-houdini-list] Migration to houdini - Overall cost to company

Peter Bowmar pbowmar at gmail.com
Tue Sep 2 08:44:15 EDT 2014

Hi Brian,

In the last year we did several projects that were lighting + FX + mantra,
and the senior lookdev and lighting people were relatively new to Houdini
but experienced in other apps such as PRman, Realtime games and
proprietary. To me it's all about attitude. These guys were open and
interested, and not resisting (you know what I mean!) and were productive
within days.

Of course, it helped having myself local to them and several very senior
Houdini peeps in the same company (but remote) as well. I personally
haven't seen huge success rates when a company tries to take on Houdini
without at least one experienced zealot (joke) available. Obviously SESI
can be and is very helpful with this if the experienced person isn't

I'd be scared to just "switch" whole-heartedly over, unless it's from a
Softimage shop or something where the overall emotional tone is ready to
embrace Houdini outright. Again depends a lot on "attitude" IMO. Houdini is
no harder to learn these days than anything else if the attitude of the
learners is in the right place.

Hope that's useful!


Peter B

On 2 September 2014 00:23, Brian Goodwin <brian.r.goodwin at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hey All
> I suppose this can easily become a what's "How long is a rope" kind of
> question,
> So I'm interested in violating any NDA's, however enough of us have
> moved from company to company and have an idea about how many full
> time developers are needed and what length of
> training is required to migrate senior fx artists to a level of
> proficiency within houdini.
> I'm curious if anyone has any (Cost per man hour) figures around the
> cost to company of adopting houdini as their primary FX tool?
> This isn't to solve new problems but rather a question to an answer in
> the hope of what is needed to increase the footprint of Houdini within
> a larger company and any major setbacks that were un-expected.
> Ie did you find adopting it project by project more successful or all in
> one go,
> Did you hire senior houdini staff or train senior staff etc.
> Thanks again in advance
> Brian
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> brian
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