[Sidefx-houdini-list] Migration to houdini - Overall cost to company

Sandy Sutherland sandy at sunrise.co.za
Tue Sep 2 04:01:34 EDT 2014

Hi Brian,

I just went through adopting it as both primary VFX AND LIGHTING tool 
here at Sunrise in Cape Town,  I am not sure of the costs as you are 
looking for as we did not go through that sort of costing and the 
company was ramping up anyway.

We are doing a TV series for now and we did the first episode in Maya 
while installing Houdini and getting the guys up to 'some' speed.  We 
had only one lighter who had used Houdini before so it was a challenge 
on that side, but the guys have completely risen to it and are doing 
awesome stuff already.  It has been a pleasure designing the pipeline 
around Houdini like this as it is a tool that so easily falls into place 
in a pipeline, yes I have FINALLY seen the light.

The biggest issue, well probably the only real issue we have had is that 
we underestimated Mantra's need for RAM so we had under-equipped on that 
side, and have had to try and build up our render nodes as we went 
along.  On this note, with my experience with Arnold, I am going to be 
having a good look at HtoA.

To answer your last question, as you know South Africa is not 
oversupplied with experienced Houdini Artists, in fact winning the 
Lottery might be easier - we had the one lighter who had some 
experience, otherwise the guys all came more or less from a Softimage 
background and have really got on well.  Sidefx have been a huge help 
with initial training and are continuously a big help!

My R0.02


On 09/02/2014 09:23 AM, Brian Goodwin wrote:
> Hey All
> I suppose this can easily become a what's "How long is a rope" kind of question,
> So I'm interested in violating any NDA's, however enough of us have
> moved from company to company and have an idea about how many full
> time developers are needed and what length of
> training is required to migrate senior fx artists to a level of
> proficiency within houdini.
> I'm curious if anyone has any (Cost per man hour) figures around the
> cost to company of adopting houdini as their primary FX tool?
> This isn't to solve new problems but rather a question to an answer in
> the hope of what is needed to increase the footprint of Houdini within
> a larger company and any major setbacks that were un-expected.
> Ie did you find adopting it project by project more successful or all in one go,
> Did you hire senior houdini staff or train senior staff etc.
> Thanks again in advance
> Brian

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