[Sidefx-houdini-list] Migration to houdini - Overall cost to company

Brian Goodwin brian.r.goodwin at gmail.com
Tue Sep 2 03:23:09 EDT 2014

Hey All

I suppose this can easily become a what's "How long is a rope" kind of question,

So I'm interested in violating any NDA's, however enough of us have
moved from company to company and have an idea about how many full
time developers are needed and what length of
training is required to migrate senior fx artists to a level of
proficiency within houdini.

I'm curious if anyone has any (Cost per man hour) figures around the
cost to company of adopting houdini as their primary FX tool?

This isn't to solve new problems but rather a question to an answer in
the hope of what is needed to increase the footprint of Houdini within
a larger company and any major setbacks that were un-expected.

Ie did you find adopting it project by project more successful or all in one go,
Did you hire senior houdini staff or train senior staff etc.

Thanks again in advance


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