[Sidefx-houdini-list] bullet sim jumps on first frame if parts glued to static object.

Robert Kelly isstuff at gmail.com
Wed Mar 19 19:07:03 EDT 2014

I have a sim of a character on the edge of a cliff, at key moments parts of
the cliff crumble. So my sim includes a static part of the cliff, larger
chunks to fall off and small slivers of rock.

the static cliff is a non active bullet object. all the rest of the chunks
are active and glue adjesent is used to hold it all together. All objects
are packed rbd objects. I am dissolving the glue in the sops constraint
network like one of the examples that come with the h13 bullet masterclass

On the first frame all the parts of the sim jump down, a small distance and
then the sim behaves as you would expect from there.

I set up a super simple example to show it happening. in the example file
it moves much less but shows the problem. in my scene it is moving about 5
cm relive to the character.

the attachment is in this forum post


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