[Sidefx-houdini-list] How to force all materials to be dump into IFD

Pablo Giménez pablogipi at gmail.com
Wed Jan 22 20:38:34 EST 2014

I am playing developing some Mantra procedurals.
I have realized that if I want to use the shop_materialpath prim attribute
in my bgeos, loaded as delayed load, I need to have and ifd archive with
the materials definitions, this is done by the Mantra Archive ROP.
Well but this force you to have before hand the scene with the materials
and then bake your geo from that scene using the Mantra Archiver.
That creates a problem, because what I have is the path of the materials
assigned to my primitive shop_materialpath attribute. Then, in a different
scene this materials are created and geometry loaded into Mantra using
delayed load.
Problem is that because the materials are not linked to the object they are
not dumped into the IFD and even if I create some dummy objects liknked to
the materials they are defined in the IFD just as shaders, using
ray_startshader, no as materials objects, using ray_start material, ] so my
delayed loaded geo can not use them.
The questions is, is there any way I can dump all the shaders in my scene
as materials objects in the IFD even if they are nor linked to any geometry
It would be like doing the same thing the Mantra Archiver is doing but for
all the shaders in the scene.
I hope I have explained the issue clear enough.

Un saludo
Best Regards
Pablo Giménez

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