[Sidefx-houdini-list] dose anyone have any AttribStringEdit regex examples?

Edward Lam edward at sidefx.com
Wed Jan 22 09:23:10 EST 2014

AttribStringEdit doesn't use regular expressions. It uses a glob-style 
pattern renaming. The help card has several examples:

Personally, I think they're pretty good. What's lacking?

Best Regards,

On 21/01/2014 7:51 PM, Robert Kelly wrote:
> Hi Peeps
> I just want to understand how AttribStringEdit  can be used in a deeper way
> maybe then get deeper into regex to do more complex things. I may just do
> some python editing of strings in staid, although not in regex.
> is the attribute wrangle about to do anything interesting with strings?
> if you have any intresting examples of the AttribStringEdit in its native
> form, I would like to see that too.
> thanks
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