[Sidefx-houdini-list] GCC 4.1 with Houdini 13

Guillaume Laforge guillaume.laforge.3d at gmail.com
Wed Aug 27 11:37:40 EDT 2014

Hi guys,

For some reasons I need to build an Houdini 13 plugin (a custom SOP) using
GCC 4.1...
As soon as I'm calling any geometry methods (through the gdp  pointer) it
Of course, using GCC 4.4, everything is fine.

My feeling is that is it not possible to build a custom SOP using 4.1 for
But before changing my code to link the Houdini files with 4.4 and build
only non-houdini specific lib with 4.1 (assuming 4.4 is ABI compatible with
4.1), I would like to double check if I don't miss something.

Is there any magic flag to build custom SOP with GCC 4.1 in Houdini13 ?



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