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Hi Andrew!

Thanks for the reply.  I am just looking to use Modo game asset normal maps to rebake new lighting maps in Houdini.  

I know that normal maps can be created in a bunch of different ways, but I think at this point there is a pretty standard method that the major modelling packages use so the same real-time game shader can be used in a game engine for assets created from different packages.  

I figure if Maya and Max and XSI all can figure this out and get it working years ago, surely Houdini can.  And if Side Effects wants game creators to embrace Houdini it is very necessary.

Now if only baking out light maps were as flexible as in other packages..  :)


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Hey Craig!

Wrestled with this myself recently and got it all working - but had to
implement large swathes of it in vex. One problem seems to be the varying
ways tangent space normals can be represented - and that's assuming the
tangent vectors were generated, exported and imported correctly in the
first place. Ultimately it's not that difficult to do, and it's my
understanding that SESI are working on a solution.


Are you looking to render them - or generate them?


On 9 April 2014 11:20, Craig Hoffman <craigleehoffman at aol.com> wrote:

> Hi All,
> Did Side Effects ever add support for "Tangent Space" Normal Maps in the
> supplied shaders that works with standard art packages?  (I see a Tangent
> Normals VOP but no Transform VOP that does Tangent to World space
> transform, etc.)  It seems like the only Normal Map support in the shaders
> I could find is for "Object Space" Normal Maps at this point and haven't
> found anything online or in the docs that suggests that industry standard
> "Tangent Space" Normal Maps have been added.  (I did find some VOP
> solutions people did on their own online for making ZBrush/etc Normal Maps
> work, but don't have the time right now to implement/test that out for this
> quick test I need to do today.)
> I hope there is something I am missing because I am sure this is a popular
> request (I know I requested this feature 5 years ago), and with Houdini
> making inroads in game production it could be a deal breaker for many game
> artists.
> Thanks,
> Craig Hoffman
> Technical Art Director
> Microsoft Studios
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