[Sidefx-houdini-list] Tearing cloth in H12.5

michiel michiel at sidefx.com
Fri Sep 13 09:56:45 EDT 2013

The "fracturepart"  primitive attribute may also be of help here.
There will be no tearing between primitives that have the same
value of "fracturepart".
By assigning chunks of cloth the same "fracturepart" value, you
can prevent those chunks from tearing internally.
This gives you more control over the look.

On 13-09-11 04:14 PM, Rafael Santos wrote:
> Hey, Pablo
> There used to be a switch on the solver to prevent this kind of behavior,
> but it's not there anymore.
> Only way I can think of fixing it (and it might not work in every case) is
> checking for number of neighbors for a point (if it's less then 3) and for
> proximity of points with the same initialpid, in a SOP solver, then fusing
> the points that meet all 3 criteria.
> I haven't tested it out yet though. :)
> Cheers
> Rafael
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